Upholstery Spot Cleaning in Albuquerque

Spills and oil buildup can leave stains on upholstered furniture, carpets and drapes. Do-it-yourself upholstery cleaning products and methods often do not produce satisfactory results; sometimes upholstery cleaners even permanently damage your furniture or carpets.

Professional spot cleaning from Weathersby Guild New Mexico safely and effectively removes stains from your home or office furniture upholstery and other fabrics.

Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

DIY upholstery cleaning may seem like an inexpensive way to remove stains from your fabric-covered furniture, carpets and drapes. However, not all fabrics respond the same way to water, solvents and detergents. That means that you may do more damage by attempting spot removal on your own. If you attempted to remove a stain that resulted from a move, fire and/or water damage, you could violate the terms of your insurance policy, resulting in the denial of your home insurance claim.

Weathersby Guild New Mexico master craftsman Marty Blons is an expert in all types of furniture—wood, leather and upholstery. He has the knowledge and materials to provide:

  • Damage-free spot removal
    Before any upholstery cleaning begins, Marty identifies the type of fabric and the right sovent to loosen the stain without discoloring or damaging the fabric. When the spot is removed, there will be no evidence of the upholstery cleaning process left behind.
  • Convenient on-site service
    Weathersby Guild New Mexico provides on-site upholstery cleaning service to homes and businesses in the greater Albuquerque, NM area. There is never a need to transport your furniture, rugs or drapes to a cleaning facility; all upholstery spot cleaning is completed in a matter of hours.
  • Dry upholstery cleaning
    Weathersby Guild New Mexico uses non-toxic upholstery cleaners that are completely extracted during the cleaning process. There are no wet spots to dry or moisture to evaporate, so your furniture can immediately be used and your carpets walked on after the cleaning process is complete.

Weathersby Guild New Mexico also provides insurance claims handling service to help moving and insurance companies accurately assess and quickly remedy upholstery furniture damage claims.

  • Commercial Upholstery Cleaning
    Because of the high traffic volume, office furniture and carpets are particularly susceptible to stains and spots. Numerous spots can make rugs, upholstery and leather furniture look shabby, detracting from the overall appearance of your office. Regular upholstery spot cleaning service is recommended and may be included in a commercial furniture maintenance program.

To inquire about upholstery furniture cleaning or to schedule on-site service, contact Weathersby Guild New Mexico today.

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Don’t risk damage to your upholstery by using consumer-grade cleaners.
Call Weathersby Guild New Mexico for professional upholstery cleaning service.

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