Commercial Wood Furniture Refinishing in Albuquerque

Your company image and productivity are heavily impacted by your office atmosphere. Beautiful, updated furniture can make a big difference to the look and feel of your office. Wood furniture refinishing by Weathersby Guild New Mexico is a cost-effective way to get a fresh new look without buying new furniture.

Refinish and Revitalize

Commercial wood furniture refinishing entails completely stripping away the current varnish or lacquer, giving you the opportunity to lighten or darken your furniture with a new finish. The drastic color change possible with wood refinishing can make your furniture look brand new and revitalize the entire office atmosphere.

The preparation and treatment during the wood furniture refinishing process can also correct deep scratches, major water damage and cracking (“alligatoring”) in your office furniture that repair and restoration cannot fix.

To Refinish or Restore?

Wood furniture refinishing may be the best alternative to investing in all new office furniture if your atmosphere needs a complete overhaul. However, significant improvements may be made by furniture restorations, which can often be completed on-site at your Albuquerque, NM-area business in one day.

Weathersby Guild New Mexico can help you determine what repairs or others services will best help you cost-effectively enhance the appearance of your office furniture and atmosphere. Contact us for a free online estimate.

A Legacy of Excellence in the Land of Enchantment

Refinish your wood furniture and revitalize your office atmosphere for less. Call Weathersby Guild New Mexico for commercial furniture services today.

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