Home Furniture Refinishing in Albuquerque

All the home makeover shows may inspire a wish for change in your own home. But you don’t need new furniture to create a new look. All you need is a home furniture makeover. And that’s exactly what Weathersby Guild New Mexico home furniture refinishing service accomplishes.

Home Refinishing Process

The goal of home furniture repair and restoration is to simply bring back a piece’s original luster and functionality. The goal of home furniture refinishing, on the other hand, is to give a piece a brand new look.

Transforming the look of your home furniture by refinishing requires:

  • Stripping away old varnish or lacquer
  • Filling and sanding chips, holes or deep scratches
  • Sanding surfaces to present a completely even surface
  • Applying new color coat (stain, varnish or lacquer)
  • Moisturizing and sealing the piece

Refinishing home furniture is a messy and labor-intensive process. If done improperly, you may cause irreparable damage. So furniture refinishing is a job best left to professionals.

Master craftsman Marty Blons has the skills and experience to help you achieve a new home décor look. His attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship ensure that your furniture will look brand new after the refinishing process.

In-home Furniture Touch-Ups

Perhaps you like the look of your home furniture, but everyday wear and tear has left deep scars. Some damage may require more than repair and restoration but not full refinishing. For these pieces, touch-up refinishing will meet your needs. Whenever possible, Weathersby Guild New Mexico provides this service in the convenience of your own Albuquerque, NM-area home.

Contact Weathersby Guild New Mexico for a free online quote. Marty will assess what level of refinishing work your piece requires and schedule in-home or in-shop service.

A New Home for Less

Although you may want a new look for your home, your furniture is still functional and comfortable. Refinishing service by Weathersby Guild New Mexico gives your home furniture a makeover, lets you retain the functional and sentimental value, and that saves your memories and saves you money.

A Legacy of Excellence in the Land of Enchantment

Weathersby Guild New Mexico provides exceptional residential and commercial furniture repair and restoration service.
Call master craftsman Marty Blons for a free estimate.

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