Benefits of Office Furniture Repair

The office atmosphere—the colors you choose for the walls, wall hangings, furniture and its arrangement, etc.—contribute to your company culture and define, in part, your business’ public image. When the office chairs look worn and desks are in disrepair, employee morale and client impressions suffer. In today’s tough economic climate, your budget may not accommodate new office furniture. Weathersby Guild New Mexico can give you the look of brand new office furniture without the expense of brand new office furniture.

Commercial &  Office Furniture Repair and Restoration

Investing in commercial office furniture repair, refinishing and restoration services comes with considerable benefits:

  • Cost Savings
    Refinishing the conference room table or repairing the office chairs you already have costs significantly less than buying new office furniture. Weathersby Guild New Mexico provides on-site commercial furniture services, which saves you shipping or pick-up/delivery costs, too.
  • Improved First Impressions
    An office with beautiful, fully functional furniture instills confidence in potential clients. Before you even begin a meeting or make a sales pitch, your office furniture quietly communicates that the company cares about quality and its reputation.
  • Enhanced Productivity
    Research shows that working environment impacts staff morale and productivity. If your furniture works and helps create a pleasant environment, your employees are likely to reflect the same efficiency and congeniality.

Commercial furniture services allow you to make your office furniture work to the benefit of your company’s bottom line.

Benefits of Working with Weathersby Guild New Mexico

Working with a master craftsman who is sensitive to your business’ needs allows you to get the most out of furniture repair and restoration service. When you work with Weathersby Guild New Mexico, you get the added benefit of:

A “one-stop shop”
Weathersby Guild provides comprehensive commercial furniture services:

When you need office furniture repair, you only need to deal with one company.

Convenient Service
Weathersby Guild New Mexico will complete most furniture repair and restoration projects on-site at your Santa Fe, NM business. We work outside normal office hours to minimize disruption to your daily operations.

Fast Completion
On-site furniture repairs and restorations are usually completed in one day. For projects requiring in-shop attention, projects are typically completed in one week.

Make the most of the office furniture and budget you already have. Contact Weathersby Guild New Mexico for cost-effective repair and restoration services.

A Legacy of Excellence in the Land of Enchantment

Take advantage of the benefits of commercial office furniture repair, refinishing and restoration services.
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